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Lulu's Work

Tash's Birthday

For Tash's birthday, beautiful pinks and whites were used to make statement pieces.
Using a variety of pretty soft colours helped create a lovely mood and instant statement as you walked into the venue.

Bec & Matt's

Engagement Party

Bec & Matt's engagement was such a special occasion to create flowers for. It allowed Lulu to create vibrant, joyous arrangements to match the happy couple.
The colours were like fireworks on each of the tables, just spectacular.

Gab's 21st

Laura's 21st

Laura's birthday was one of my first events I had the pleasure of creating floral arrangements.
I was able to create a happy and joyous atmosphere using pretty tea cups and coloured bottles, candles and doilies. 
 It made the world of difference as the tables were quite large and were screaming for some creativity.

Rockdale Opera Company

70th Anniversary of the Rockdale Opera Company.
Rockdale Opera Company is the oldest continuously operating opera Company in Australia.
I was honoured to create floral installations for the stage and special bouquets for 2 of the Opera singers,
Silvia Colloca and Lisa Cooper

Lulu Loves Flowers

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Rockdale Opera Company
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